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Up and Coming Areas

Up and Coming Areas

Up and Coming Areas

The Iskus Group


Buying a home in Los Angeles is a big deal. Even a smaller home is more than twice as much as homes in other areas or states. Working with as many first-time buyers as we have, we have discovered the best areas to purchase more affordable homes in and up and coming areas.

These areas typically are just outside the prime neighborhoods, but over time, as more and more buyers are priced out of the prime areas they desire, these neighborhoods become gentrified which translates into increased values and equity in your property.

Every part of Los Angeles, whether you’re in the Valley, the Westside, the Eastside, or further South, has these up and coming neighborhoods. In every market there are opportunities and we can help you to discover that hidden gem neighborhood with a house or investment that works for you. In fact, helping buyers in this area is one of our team’s strongest attributes.