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Sandy Childs, Seller

Paloma Fierro saved my sanity throughout my trying process of cleaning out and selling our family home of 65 years after the death of my father last year. She held my hand at every turn and pitched in with anything that needed to be done. She has no compunction about pushing up her sleeves and getting her hands dirty.

Paloma is so supportive and helpful. I wanted and needed a Realtor who was patient, kind and maternal due to the stress and the grief I was going through. Paloma encouraged me to keep moving forward. I had no idea what I was doing, yet she so thoroughly explained the process step by step, that I felt like a pro by the end of it all. Her advice and strategy is spot on. Paloma sold our house in one week for $40,000 above the appraised value and $35,000 over our listing price. Not only that, but she also had another offer in back up position for the same amount of for any reason the buyer backed out.

I highly recommend hiring Paloma to be your Realtor too. When I sell my next house and buy my next property, I would never even consider using another Realtor. No way!