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Income Properties

Income Properties

Income Properties

The Iskus Group

The wealthiest people we know have earned their wealth investing in real estate. Investing in income properties is an amazing way to build your wealth as an alternative to standard market investments in stock equity and company bonds.

An income property can be commercial or residential. It is purchased to earn income through receiving rent from a tenant or tenants and price appreciation. In Los Angeles, income properties, home values and rents continue to rise. There are many factors to determine when purchasing an income property and many factors to consider when selling. Rent control and relocation fees are a big factor as well as condition of units, how long the tenants have resided in the units, age, etc. Additionally, qualifying for a loan for an income property is different than qualifying for a primary residence.


When it comes to listing your income properties, we have the experience needed to make sure the process is as easy as possible. We have a great reputation when it comes to dealing with tenants and scheduling inspections and organizing a schedule so they have the least amount of hassle and feel respected throughout the process.

We can help you to make the best decisions possible to make sure your investment is protected when selling or buying.