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4th Case Study: 1st Time Buyer, Interest Rates on the Rise

4th Case Study: 1st Time Buyer, Interest Rates on the Rise

4th Case Study: 1st Time Buyer, Interest Rates on the Rise

The Iskus Group

The Situation: First Time Buyer had been looking at properties for over 1 year with no luck in getting offers accepted, doing all of the searching on his own

The Outcome: Within 1 month, the buyer was in escrow and had his closing costs covered by seller!

A past client of ours was at work and overheard is colleague complaining about the market and how he was looking for over a year with no luck in getting any offers accepted. He was frustrated and tired of going out every single weekend and not getting anywhere. He was qualified and had a strong down payment. He was just not being represented properly and was not writing offers that would make him stand out from the crowd.


Every weekend, he would visit properties on his own and then he’d call his agent and ask them to write up an offer. His agent never went to see the properties they were writing offers on and didn’t communicate with the listing agent to find out what the seller may be looking for. As the many months passed, the interest rates continued to climb and now he was stuck paying more money for the same priced home.

We introduced him to new up and coming neighborhoods he never even knew existed. After three weeks, we found three properties, all of which he loved and wrote an offer. We gave the seller choice of all escrow and title services, shortened the contingency periods as much as possible and asked for the seller to cover his closing costs.  He wrote a beautiful letter from him to the seller explaining how crazy he was about the house and the seller loved it. He is now made so much equity on his first home, he is on his second income property 8 years later.